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Unimil, a São Paulo company from the sugar and alcohol sector with units in São Paulo, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul, adopted the BI of Sadig.

The company, which until then had not used a business intelligence system, will use software to integrate, qualify, store, exploit, manipulate, analyze, and distribute information.

According to Alisson Domingues, analyst Comercial da Unimil, the solution helps consolidate the company’s strategy to grow 22% in 2012.

“This year we are making big investments in the area of planting, a factor that directly interferes in the consumption of our products,” comments Domingues. “We do not yet have 100% tool adherence, but advantages can already be seen, such as speed in obtaining management reports,” he adds.

Mauricio Spolidório, Commercial Manager at Sadig, explains that in BI, data is delivered in cubes or datamarts that allow for diverse analyzes of any areas of the organizations, such as financial, commercial, orders, billing, targets, cash flow, accounts payable and to receive, among others.

“The product is applicable to any segment, the difference is in the content of the managerial visions, which vary according to the type of business and the data needs of the managers who use the solution,” says Spolidório.

Unimil operates spare parts for sugar cane harvesters, with an installed base of approximately 4,600 equipment in Brazil and abroad.

In stock, the company works with more than 9,500 items stored.

The structure includes units in Piracicaba, Ribeirão Preto and Araçatuba (São Paulo), Rio Verde (Goiás) and Dourados (Mato Grosso do Sul).

Sadig is headquartered in Montenegro, headquartered in Porto Alegre, Londrina and São Bernardo do Campo and operates in BI and CPM (Corporate Performance Management) systems.

The company serves over 600 client organizations, including Beira-Rio, Benoit, Dakota, Goldsztein-Cyrela, Miolo, Todeschini, Unimed and Vonpar, among others.


TodeschiniTodeschini, one of the largest manufacturers of planned furniture in Latin America, also stands out for the investment made in Information Technology (IT), including its domain of information related to sales and tracking of goals. Three of the Group’s companies use Sadig’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution. “Todeschini and Italínea, from the furniture segment, as well as Todescredi, the Group’s financial arm, to obtain managerial information that makes it possible to get to know the business, without depending on the request for reports, often of high cost and in several systems, if use the Sadig solution, “said Evandro Linck, Todeschini IT and Business Support Analyst.

The implementation of the system began in September 2010 when the company realized the need to change the management model to have more information of its business. “We had another product, but it was already outdated, it was 2001. The concept was discredited with the employees and was demonstrating the need for something that added agility,” says Linck. The knowledge of the product, however, is older.

Evandro Linck remembers that he met BI Sadig in college. “When we went to research solutions in the market, it was, without a doubt, a benchmark,” recalls Linck. “It was made the presentation of SADIG at the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS) and, at that time, I saw and liked the differentials offered.


With the implementation of Sadig Analyzes, Sadig Panels and Sadig Web, Todeschini today, has information for data analysis and distribution of information for all of its national sales team, without relying on ERP customizations for reporting. There are currently 10 accesses for managers, but there are no restrictions and the increase must occur. “Access to data allows the team to know the information of the arm in the Group in which they operate and in the specific region. When we expand the range of users, as needed, more staff members will have access, thus avoiding the need for request spreadsheets and the use of other systems, “he says.

Main use

The possibility of quickly creating different ways of accompanying the Todeschini numbers is pointed out as a differential that, added to the simple concept, makes the use agile, without difficulties of adaptation. Sadig Panels, a solution where the user creates their control panels, is the most used in the data query and, with flexibility, the Sadig Analysis, which integrates and hosts the multi-function, answer any question and distribute, automatically and in various formats and means, the answers to the managers involved. “We use SADIG products mainly to keep up with team goals. We already have more than 60 panels produced and we have created more than 45 modules,” Linck says.

Deployment and system used

With integrated, simple and “lightweight” operations, Sadig Web, Sadig Windows and the Sadig Database are running on different servers. Sadig Web servers (virtualized) and Sadig Windows have 8 GB of memory each, while Sadig Database servers have only 4 GB. Also in storage and processing the requirements of the Sadig solution are not great. The disks and processors of the servers are respectively 40 GB and 2.67GHz Xeon X5650 on the Sadig Web, 500 GB and Xeon X5570 2.93GHz on the Sadig Windows and 500 GB and Xeon E5430 2.66GHz on the Sadig Database. The database management system used by Sadig is Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP4.

The SADIG project at Todeschini currently has 65 dashboards and 46 management modules (datamarts). They are indicated as the main datamarts of the “Billing”, the “Market Analysis” and the “Daily Release of Production”, all used in the Todeschini and Italínea companies.

Grupo Todeschini

Initially, Sadig Analyzes was implemented in the Finance Department for the elaboration of information and management reports presenting data extracted directly from SIAM (Integrated Municipal Collection System – Debtors module)

In this area, the tool performed well, detecting the largest debtors in the municipality, tracking the launches with administrative resources, assisting in the composition of the outstanding debt balance and providing important information for the management decision making.

Due to its efficiency, Sadig Analysis is now present in several strategic areas of the City Hall, such as Controllership, Accounting, Treasury, Budgets, Contracts, Assets, Human Resources, Payroll, Revenue / Expenditure, among others; providing reports extracted according to the needs of each sector and providing information to assist in the actions to be implemented. One of these actions was the PEP (Special Debt Settlement Program), which occurred from January to May 2008 and raised R$ 120 million for the City Hall.

According to José Luis Gavinelli, Advisor of the Finance Department of São Bernardo do Campo, “the great advantage of using SADIG for reporting is due to the fact that the data for the surveys are defined according to the need of the moment for each unit that is using, making the information more agile, versatile and reliable, since they are extracted directly from the database of the city hall.

“After the implementation of Sadig Analysis we understand that the tool is very important, as it assists in effective control of the process of active debt management in municipalities,” adds Gavinelli.

Prefeitura de SBC

HospSamaritanoOne of the most traditional health care institutions in the country, Samaritano Hospital, has been successful in negotiating new hospital compensation models, after the implementation of Sadig Análisis, a BI solution that integrates data, assisting in the effective management of the Entity.

The SamaritanoHospital needed a solution that would provide concrete information about the institution’s performance by the entrance door (emergency room, inpatient and outpatient), as well as to begin the historical analysis of several surgical procedures performed for the format of packages (prices fixed), but at the time none of the available software was able to provide this data without the creation of spreadsheets in Excel.

The Sadig Analyzes solution was installed as a prototype, and from the visualization of the information obtained by the data crossing, it was possible to observe the benefits of the solution for the financial area and also for other departments of the hospital and thus, Sadig Analyzes was implemented.

Currently, the Samaritan Hospital has 5 licenses with simultaneous access, with 18 users who use the solution to meet the demands of the Financial, Commercial, SAME, Customer Relations, Costs, Accounting and, soon, the Purchasing sector, when the number of users should pass to 22 people.

According to Sérgio Lopez Bento, General Superintendent of Operations of Hospital Samaritano, before the implementation of the solution, the Controllership area could not analyze the results by door of entry, by agreement or by medical specialty / procedure. Currently, this information is made available by BI, originated from compilations of various reports.

Other benefits that the tool has brought to the Samaritan Hospital are: ease in data analysis; standardization of the interface for information analysis; single management data repository, which integrates different transactional systems. The tool also evaluates the costs involved in each procedure within the hospital, allowing different types of analyzes to meet the demand of health plan operators, to change hospital pay models.

The Health Plans segment began to undergo changes in remuneration models, with the trend of replacing the traditional fee for service with a fixed price (global packages and rates). It was the Sadig Analysis that enabled the Hospital to analyze the feasibility of the value proposed by the operator, that is, to evaluate if the value to be received by the services would cover the costs.

From the results of this analysis, the Samaritan became the first hospital, of its size, to realize this change of the Health Plans, all due to the support of Sadig Analyzes. Because of the great acceptance of this tool, more and more the departments of the Entity adhere to its use, ends Sérgio Lopez Bento.

Hospital Samaritano

INTERNACIONALInternational Parts – diesel component supplier for diesel vehicles, a four-year partner of SADIG, specialist in Business Intelligence (BI) – will now implement the Sadig Performance. With the adoption of the new system, the company intends to give managers the possibility of a correct evaluation of performance indicators, essential for making administrative, commercial decisions, order definitions and opening new units.

International Parts can follow the strategic planning with goals, initiatives, actions, alerts, follow-ups among others, complementing the existing business and management information. “When I use Sadig, I usually go with a clear goal. If it is not so, you can get lost with as many options and as many readings as possible. There are no limits on its use, “praises the president of International Parts, Hélcio Andrade.

The commercialization of SADIG products took place through the partner Quantum Tecnologia, a developer of the ERP used in the company for more than 15 years. According to Welington Teixeira Santos, president of Quantum, using BI Sadig was a natural approach. “With all these years of using ERP, can you imagine the size of the Database, the history of International Parts? The strategy was to add value to the project, through the generation and adequate distribution of indicators and management information, “says Santos.

In addition to the Sadig Analysis and Panels products, now the project implanted in International Parts counts with Sadig Performance. With the first, the company obtained the integration and qualification of the data originated from diverse systems and platforms and the generation of information that qualified the process of decision making and gave the improvement of the business results.

With it you can make analyzes of time evolution, rankings, abc curves, drill down, among others, in various forms such as charts, tables, reports, PDF, emails, spreadsheets, etc. Already with Sadig Panels, Internacional Peças elaborates customized panels, with friendly interface and without any type of programming. Sadig Performance acts in the management by indicators such as: strategic maps, monitoring of initiatives and actions, performance indicators and cause and effect diagrams.

BrasmetalThe São Paulo company Brasmetal Waelzholz, specializing in cold rolling of steel and supplier of special steel strips, has implemented Sadig (Analyzes and Performance) solutions to gain agility in its Sales Management processes.

According to Crystian Akira Yoshimura, Brasmetal IT Coordinator, the great differentials of Sadig tools are the speed of deployment, research performance, and especially the flexibility and agility to adapt to new business rules.

“We are very pleased with Sadig’s tools because they are helping us to obtain information to quantify, direct, control and improve our sales.” The solutions proved to be very easy to use, requiring no formal training for our users. soon we will be spreading the use of the tools to other departments, which will speed up and qualify the decisions in other areas of the company, “concludes Yoshimura.

BeiraRioBeira Rio, one of the largest footwear industries in the country, implemented Sadig’s (Analyzes and Performance) solutions in 2000 to assist company managers by providing sales indicators and multiple management analyzes on the performance of regional sales , customers and products, among others.

The results achieved by the company were satisfactory, as Beira Rio obtained more agile sales of regional offices, and, in view of the ease of implementation, the rapid and accurate provision of reports and information meant that the solutions were expanded for use in the Industrial Areas and Finance.

“We chose these tools because they are consolidated in the market, have easy usability and are very friendly to end users,” concludes Luiz Ubiratan, Technology Manager at Calçados Beira Rio.

Calçados Beira Rio

vAuroraThe Aurora Winery, from Bento Gonçalves, had an important increase in the qualification and optimization of its processes. The wine, sparkling, cooler and juice company deployed SADIG’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution to improve Aurora’s vision of information: “As our server was out of date, we needed to up-grade software and hardware. We chose to evaluate a BI tool that gave us greater control of the cubes (dimensions and metrics), so that new visions could be deployed without major technical interventions, which we achieved with Sadig, “says Rui Ficagna, Controller and IT Manager of Aurora Winery.

The implementation, by indication of the company MCM Management System, also of Bento Gonçalves, began last July and is already in perfect working order. The initial focus was information from the commercial area, but will be expanded to other areas of the company, such as industrial and financial. With the dissemination, different sectors will have useful and fast information in daily activities, which will make them effectively managed by their managers.

With the deployment, one of the objectives is to get out of the operational level and move up to tactical and strategic levels. The solution was designed to minimize the time and cost of obtaining the information, avoiding the elaboration of countless spreadsheets dispersed by the company and focusing on the business itself, with defined, uniform and documented concepts. “We will see trends, optimize resources and minimize response time,” says the manager. “This is how we intend to maximize the profitability and profitability of the company,” adds Ficagna. The company uses, at this time, the Sadig Analysis and Panels (learning curve).

The project is growing consistently and the current level of knowledge of the company’s business information is already remarkable. There are several modules already deployed, which allows individual analyzes or between them, comparatively, highlights the Controller and IT manager at Aurora. For the validation of the information, crosses are made with the accounting, fiscal books and other reports. The determination of the data that will be imported is based on its importance, extension and representativeness, among others, and is carried out with the developing areas, to avoid the excess of data with little information and the waste of resources.

The competence, professionalism and commitment of the internal team is a differential in the implementation process. “The fact that the ETL process is developed internally and the validation is carried out by Aurora herself, who knows the nuances of her business, accelerates the implementation process,” emphasizes Ficagna.

Vinícola Aurora