Get to know o QlikView

QlikView is a new type of Business Intelligence (BI) software that changes your world. BI software that lets you stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smarter decisions.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform is a user-oriented BI platform that assists in making decisions from diverse sources of knowledge, data, people, and the environment. The QlikView Business Discovery platform is an entirely new way to do BI. It is about helping people to share knowledge and analysis among individuals, groups and organizations. It provides information and analysis focused precisely on the business problems that people are trying to solve.

QlikView provides a user experience that works the same as the mind: associatively, with a highly differentiated technology in the marketplace and with an unusual customer adoption model in business software. Just as Salesforce.com did with CRM, Google did the research and Apple did the tablets, QlikTech, maker of QlikView, is transforming the BI market with a highly sophisticated behind-the-scenes technology that provides an intuitive and fun experience for users. know more…

What makes QlikView unique










A new way to discover your business

  • Consolidate relevant data from multiple sources into a single application;
  • Explore existing associations between your data and make more assertive decisions;
  • Make decisions in a collaborative way safely and in real time;
  • View your data in beautiful graphical interfaces;
  • Search all data directly or indirectly by interacting with Dynamic Analysis applications and dashboards;
  • Access, analyze, and capture data from mobile devices wherever you are.

Associative Technology (AQL) do Single QlikView and In-Memory

QlikView is the pioneer of In-Memory BI technology.

In-memory is important for performance, but it takes much more to offer a Business Discovery platform. Traditional BI-based queries and cubes can run in memory with a faster response time, but they still need IT to manually maintain the data associations that users rely on.

The difference from QlikView

That’s what QlikView does with in-memory technology, which really makes the difference. The QlikView Business Discovery platform:

  • Compresses data up to 10% of its original size;
  • Keeps data in memory;
  • Maintains associations between data automatically;
  • Calculates aggregations dynamically as needed;
  • Optimizes processor capacity.

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