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One of the services offered by SADIG is the ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load), which consists of the process of transferring data between corporate systems (ERP and / or any other independent systems) to the Sadig, TaticView, QlikView and QlikSense.

The SADIG technicians, together with the professionals responsible for maintaining the client’s corporate systems, will develop the complete ETL work: CONCEPTUATION, EXTRACTION, TRANSFORMATION, LOADING and VALIDATION of the operational data, in the management bases explored by the Sadig solution, TaticView, QlikView and QlikSense.


Sadig, TaticView, QlikView and QlikSense solutions have a high degree of parameterization, eliminating in practice the need for customizations.

However, to meet special cases, SADIG can develop special routines to complement specific customer demands.

Examples of special demands include:

  • Spreadsheets customized and / or complemented with programs;
  • Reports and / or special files;
  • Special updates of registrations and / or databases