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Our training is intended for users, administrators and developers of Sadig, TaticView, QlikView and QlikSense solutions.

Despite the ease of assimilation of the solutions, through the training it is possible to accelerate the learning and to reinforce all the potential offered by the tools, the best practices of use, as well as to obtain tips to make the most of the advanced features.

In-person training is available for all solutions (Sadig, TaticView, QlikView and QlikSense). On-line training is only available for the Sadig solution.

On-line Training (EAD Sadig)

Aware of the difficulties faced by companies in order to adequately carry out the allocation of their employees’ time, SADIG provides the EAD Sadig product.

EAD Sadig is the tool of SADIG, which provides on-line training courses to use the Sadig solution, enabling participants to determine “how” and “when” they prefer to perform them.

Within Sadad EAD, the Sadig solution component is represented by a training module, which covers both the knowledge required by users and administrators.

The main advantages of EAD Sadig in face-to-face training are:

Didactic – uses cartoons displaying real canvases and his narration is done in non-technical language, allowing easy understanding;
Flexibility – the participant himself determines the most convenient location, date and time;
Rhythm – the participant dictates their rhythm, being able to go back, stop and start again at the same point, as many times as necessary;
Agility – from the client’s request, the courses are quickly made available, without the need to make the instructors agenda available;
Investment – investment is less than in face-to-face training.

If you have already contracted your EAD training, access the knowledge portal through the link http://sadig.lite.konviva.com.br

Classroom Training

To meet the training needs of its customers’ users, SADIG offers Face-to-Face Training for Sadig, TaticView and QlikView, QlikSense and NPrinting. This type of training, at the discretion of the client, can be carried out at your own premises (In Company), at one of SADIG’s headquarters or at another neutral location (conference rooms, hotels, class entities, etc.). advantage, the absence of interruptions by the activities of the day to day.

Some advantages of face-to-face training are:

Convenience – Can be carried out at the customer’s premises, avoiding travel, considering the company culture and respecting the routine of the participants;
Effectiveness – Special demands and reinforcements in training in modules and topics considered more important for the client can be considered;
Control – Enables the proper follow-up of the training process by the heads of the participants;
Quality – Considering that the Face-to-Face Training is carried out by Senior Consultants, it is possible to present the contents in a way that adheres to real situations of the companies;


To hire or to learn more about the training options offered by SADIG (Sadig, TaticView, QlikView and QlikSense), contact our sales area through:

comercial@sadig.com or + 55 114331-1062 and +55 51 3632-5300.